Autumn (1914) By T.C. SteeleCOURTESY: Hadley Fruits, Eskenazi Health

Since its founding, St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has supported the local art community and recognized its importance in the healing process. The guild has always had a strong relationship with Hoosier Artists.

The T. C Steele painting, Autumn, was part of an art initiative in 1914. The artists commissioned by the guild to adorn the walls of the former City Hospital building (now the newer Eskenazi Hospital building) included T. C. Steele, William Forsyth, Otto Stark, Carl Graf, Wayman Adams, Clifton Wheeler, J. Otis Adams, Dorothy Wheeler, Dorothy Morlan, Lucy Taggart, and William E. Scott. Now more than a century old, the artwork is an example of the many creative ways in which the guild has helped make our city’s public hospital the fantastic facility that it is.

The 2024 Decorators’ Show House and Gardens will continue the guild’s tradition of collaboration with the local arts community. We have a featured artist, Kyle Ragsdale, whose winning piece will be on display. We have the curated art wall by our community partner, the Harrison Center. During the two-week period that the home is open to the public, Plein Air Artists will paint on the grounds of the Show House. Our designers will utilize local artists in their design spaces.