St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has contributed over $14 million to Eskenazi Health since 1907.

2020-2022 – $1,004,400

Supported Eskenazi’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund. Fulfilled a three-year commitment to the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild Center for Nursing Excellence. Pledged $1,000,000.00 over 4 years 2022-26 for John & Kathy Ackerman Mental Health Professional Development Center at Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center. This endeavor will improve and increase the workforce providing mental health services and substance use disorders.

2010–2019 – $2,931,700

Supported Haven of Hope and Center for Hope with forensic medical supplies, “Protecting Our Children” materials, furniture, and camera equipment to document abuse and trauma. Provided for summer group therapy at Midtown Children’s Center. Purchased golf cars to facilitate transporting patients in the hospital and across campus. Underwrote childbirth classes focusing on areas with the highest infant mortality rates. Supported health and nutrition programs, built raised garden beds, provided emergency co-pay assistance and durable medical equipment to senior citizens. Provided funding to the Sandra Eskenazi Center for Brain Care Innovation. Funded Limestone Falls. Purchased a fleet of vehicles including two wheelchair accessible vans for use by the Midtown Community Mental Health Center. Pledged funds for the new Center for Nursing Excellence at Eskenazi Health.

2000–2009 – $3,625,000

Provided funding for the St. Margaret’s Center for Breast Health, the Burn Unit, Palliative Care, Myers Auditorium media improvements, pharmacy telephone service, equipment for OT, and Midtown Community Mental Health Center. Provided funding for the Domestic Violence Program. Developed and funded the EMBRACE program, an integrated support program for women facing cancer. Purchased a second mobile mammography unit. Established Haven of Hope, a support system of the Eskenazi trauma center and the Fairbanks Burn Center. Provided support for the Medical-Legal Partnership and Volunteer Advocates programs.

1990–1999 – $3,324,000

Funded equipment/furnishings for the special care nursery, the pediatric unit, the birthing center, and the PMRD. Purchased a mobile mammography unit, and equipment/furnishings for the burn unit. Provided for a new outpatient rehabilitation center. Provided funding for: the Women’s Healthcare Initiative, Urgent Care Center, Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum Rooms, the End of Life Project, an ADA minivan, and renovations to the nursing units. Established the St. Margaret’s Diagnostic Breast Center. Created the Senior Care Program Rehabilitation Center.

1970–1989 – $2,540,900

In tandem with the Indianapolis Fire Department, established and later upgraded the first complete adult Burn Unit in the state. Fulfilled needs requested of Midtown Community Mental Health Center. Purchased a heart-lung machine, blood pressure monitors, wall incubators for newborns and NICU babies. Funded satellite nurseries and refurbished the pediatric, labor and delivery unit. Relocated and renovated the pediatrics AB wing, funding equipment, programs and supplies for children’s facilities. Renovated the PMRD and PTD.

1950-1969 – $558,100

Established the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department (PMRD), including a Physical Therapy Department (PTD). Continued funding annual expenses for these departments along with the OTD while establishing an OT facility in the new psychiatric unit. Renovated and expanded existing children’s facilities, the PMRD and PTD. Funded equipment and furnishings in the newborn and premature nurseries. Funded new purchases to furnish and equip day rooms, dining areas, patient rooms, and rehabilitation areas in the new psychiatric facility.

1930–1949 – $310,000

Continued funding the OTD’s annual operating budget ensuring program continuity, full $ 310,000 staffing and training needs, patient supplies and ward equipment. Established “Mother’s Milk Station” in a laboratory to pasteurize and freeze breast milk for premature infants. Funded salaries for two nurses: one in psychiatric care and one in the tuberculosis ward. Furnished two rooms for student nurses.

1907–1929 – $60,000

Furnished two new children’s wards in the Burdsal Unit, providing hospital equipment and artificial limbs and braces for children. Funded 20 oil paintings and 33 canvas murals by renowned Indiana artists to decorate the children’s wards. In cooperation with the Indianapolis Foundation, established and maintained the Occupational Therapy Department (OTD) for adults and children, providing the annual operating budget, staff materials and training, and all necessary therapy equipment.